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"Excellent directions (considering the complex terrain) with an unexpected density of interest – archaeology, vegetation, geology. An important part of what we pay for is local knowledge and attention to detail. The combination of linking with ancient Greek island culture while walking and eating well was a very special experience that we could not have had without your excellent guidance."
- Helen & Robin Grove-White, UK

• For independent walkers with a dash of pioneering spirit
• When you choose your companions and set the your own pace…
• 1- or 2- week , 9- or 11- day holidays
• Recommended minimum 2 people ***
• We do the work… provide detailed directions, book accommodation, transfer your bags… and you enjoy the walking!

The Cycladic islands are exciting territory for walkers, and Walking Plus is the only truly local company to offer independent walking holidays there. Our routes take you deep into the rural heart of Greece, revealing the full diversity of island life and landscape. Some traditional paths, which have fallen into disuse, have been rediscovered and opened up by Walking Plus; very few are way-marked, and you are unlikely to encounter anyone on route but a lonely goatherd. But no-one's got lost yet: clear, reliable directions and maps are combined with interesting information about what to look out for on the way, carefully recce'd, and researched and written with the well-informed enthusiasm and local spirit that is the company's hallmark.

Walking Plus books you into and transfers your luggage each night to clean, simple accommodation, either small hotels or village rooms. Where meals are not available at the accommodation, we direct you to nearby tavernas, cafes and shops. All you carry with you is a day pack. If there are any difficulties, we – or the local route manager – is on the island, a phone call away using the provided mobile phone. 

Each island has its own distinctive character and landscape (see the individual island destinations). You can do a week's walking on Paros, Naxos, or Tinos, or combine two of the islands for a satisfying fortnight's holiday. The Amorgos self-guided walking programme is 9 or 11 days to allow for extra travelling time and a longer holiday, but can also be combined with another island. 
Many of our guests stay on for a week of Greek island relaxation and gentle exploration after a week's walking, and book into the Walking Plus country houses in Paros or a recommended hotel (see LINKS).

DATES – You choose when to go

An advantage of self-guided holidays is that you choose your dates. A Walking Plus holiday on Paros, Naxos or Tinos can start any day from mid April to mid-June, and 1st September to mid October. The start date on Amorgos is subject to ferries, which sail from Athens to Amorgos on most days, but not all.

We do not usually offer the holidays in July and August because the weather can be too hot for walking, wildlife is in aestivation, the islands are crowded, and accommodation prices are high.


*** NB Walking Plus strongly recommends that for safety reasons, our self-guided walks are booked by two or more people planning to walk together. We will however accept bookings by individuals who are experienced walkers, but this is subject to the additional provisions relating to solo walkers to be found in our Terms and Conditions.

You may like to have a two-night stopover in Athens at the beginning or end of your island holiday (see ATHENS).


“We have done all the Walking Plus self-guided walks and never lost our way. I would say the walking notes made our holiday!!  The routes and island landscapes are so much prettier and more unspoilt than some of the better-known walking destinations, and we seemed to have the countryside to ourselves.”
– Penny Perkins

"Route notes are a strong point: better than most, maybe even the best we have used"
- John & Monica Erwin, Alton, UK
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