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Each route provides a satisfying day's walking in varied landscape with points of historical, architectural or cultural interest on the way.

The walks (hikes) are classed as moderate (Grade 3 below). Most are along reasonably clear paths and tracks, with the very occasional stretch of metalled road. However, the islands are mountainous, and there are some sections of steep, rocky terrain, and loose or uneven surfaces.

The routes are 12-14km long, but the walks can be more demanding than this distance might suggest.
Duration is 6-7 hours per day, allowing for 1-2 hours for lunch, rests and exploring places of interest.

A sound basic fitness level and well worn-in hiking boots & socks are essential, and a walking stick or pole is recommended.

•   Every package contains one day route that can be shortened to a Grade 2 hike. Your Tour Manager will be happy to arrange for your transportation by taxi/car to the designated start (at extra cost).

•  Optional EXP Sections in many routes make sure that experienced hikers can 'go the extra mile': Detailed 2-3km detours with special sightseeing or hiking interest (NB. They can add significantly to the walking day's strain).



•  Grade 1 (Stroll)
Up to 2M/3.5km / Max. ascend 300ft/90m - Sightseeing Tour

•  Grade 2 (Easy) Up to 5M/8.5km / Max. ascend 500ft/150m - Walk

•  Grade 3 (Moderate) Up to 9M/14.5km / Max. ascend 1500ft/460m - Hike

•  Grade 4 (Demanding) Up to 9.5M/15km / Max. ascend 1800ft/600m - Hike w. steep ascend or difficult terrain

"We really had a marvelous adventure; it exceeded all our expectations. We usually create our own self-guided holidays, but we certainly couldn't have done this on our own. We had good boots and needed them."

- Robin and Ruth Giles, Canada

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