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The Walking Plus Greek Language & Culture Programmes provide a comprehensive approach to learning modern Greek in an authentic Greek environment. Courses last for one or two weeks and are offered in small classes or private lessons in spring, early summer or autumn on the island of Paros. Our programmes stand out in their masterful combination of Greek language learning with walking tours and other activities in a Cycladic island setting, thus allowing our guest students to become 'immersed' in the special linguistic, cultural and natural milieu of Paros.

We are based at the seaside village of Alyki in southern Paros, an established tourist destination that also retains the serenity and the charm of the fishing village it originally was. It is popular with families and beach-lovers who appreciate its relaxed atmosphere, the village's three sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters, its tavernas with excellent seafood and great sunset views, and its vicinity to even more scenic coastal and rural settings. Some of the island's best, untouched beaches are only a half-hour walk away!

Classes take place in the conference room of the "Villa Konitopoulos" hotel near the main beach of Alyki, which is also our standard accommodation option. If you would like information on other accommodation options (village rooms or self-catering studios), please contact us.


Our programmes comprise intensive taught courses (max. 4-hour morning classes with breaks) designed for students who want to make rapid progress in Modern Greek language and deepen their knowledge of Greece and its culture. They offer intensive language courses primarily aimed at beginners, while being able to also accommodate learners of intermediate level. Taught courses are either one-week-long   (Programme A), or two-week-long  (Programme B), and include grammar, reading, speaking, and writing.

We also provide insights into Greek culture and civilization, with special afternoon lectures by guest speakers in matters of special Greek interest (archaeology, nature & environment, culture & art). Our experienced Greek teachers are university graduates who actually live on the island and are very familiar with its life & culture.

Moreover, the programmes include guided walking & sightseeing tours, museum visits, cooking lessons and taverna dinners with local specialties. Our activities take students to special & unspoilt parts of the island and help them become familiar with the fascinating Cycladic landscape & culture; they offer a truly diverse Greek experience!

Learn Modern Greek the Walking Plus way!

Join us to discover life & culture on Paros, explore its ancient & medieval paths, enjoy magnificent views, visit traditional villages, taste & learn about local food!

" I liked Lambros's teaching style a lot. He is very energetic and it can make learning fun (although, if you ask him - me being tortured with Greek grammar was probably not as fun for him - ha!)."

– Paula Fletcher, California, USA.
" We had a simply fantastic time; you've done a great job with the course. Learning Greek can be hard work at times, but the mix was just perfect, and we were very impressed with the beaches close to Alyki - so clear and unspoilt. Good food, great walks & activities - you really get to feel the island and its culture this way!"

– Alexandra & Thom, Munich,  Germany.

•   Courses are intended for adults of 26+ y.o.a. including seniors, of every nationality and faith
•   Programme A consists of a maximum of 28 hours over 7 days
•   Programme B consists of a maximum of 44 hours over 13 days
•   One teaching hour is 50 min. followed by a 10-min. break (coffee/tea/biscuits provided)
•   Courses are never cancelled (exc. 'force majeure').
•   Small classes, maximum 9 students per class/language level
•   Daily classes are: 4 hours/day when there are 3 to 9 students in a class (per language level);
    3 hours/day when there are 2 students;  2.5 hours/day when there is 1 student (for the same course fee)
•   Sundays are free days for Programme B

•   Guided walking tours are intended for people with little or no hiking experience but are in reasonably good shape.
•   Duration: 3h - 3h30m (with stops) - Distance: 5-7 km
•   Conditions: Easy hillside walking with some harder (rocky or mildly uphill) stretches, sometimes in sunny/hot weather.
•   Your guide will provide help with difficult passages or first-aid assistance if neccesary
•   Parikia & Naousa town sightseeing tours are 2h-2h30m activities with easy walking (3-4 km) in sometimes sunny & hot weather.
•   Activities may be cancelled/postponed and routes may be altered at the discretion of the tour/activity leader due to weather conditions or obstructions.


Both Walking Plus Greek Programmes A & B are primarily aimed at beginners, i.e. people with little or no knowledge of modern Greek. As our groups are usually rather small, there is a higher degree of versatility in instruction and higher-level students can also be integrated. If possible, we will also create intermediate- and advanced-level student groups and offer afternoon lectures suited to group members' interests.

Regarding our outdoor activities (guided walking & sightseeing tours - usually Grade 1 & 2 activities), we will make every effort to adjust/diversify activities to the fitness level of each particular student group. One can always opt-out of an activity if they feel tired or challenged, or just not in the mood! Swimming, lounging at the beach or at a seaside café with a book are always good alternatives in Alyki. Our goal is for students to enjoy every minute of their time on Paros!

Programme A - 1st Session
Sun 02 September  - Sun 09 September 
One week - 7 nights, 8 days
 € 620  € 810
Programme B - 1st Session
Sun 02 September - Sat 15 September 
Two week - 13 nights, 14 days
 € 910  € 1320
Programme A - 2nd Session
Sun 16 September - Sun 23 September 
One week - 7 nights, 8 days
 € 620  € 810

•   The course: A maximum of 28/44 hours of lessons divided into 7/13 days with native teachers with experience in teaching Greek as a foreign language.
•   Programme A: 3 walking excursions/ Parikia sightseeing tour (incl. archeological museum visit)/ Local folklore museum visit/ Greek cuisine cooking lesson/ 2 afternoon lectures.
•   Programme B: 5 walking excursions/ Parikia sightseeing tour (incl. archeological museum visit) /Naousa town & Kolymbithres beach sightseeing tour/ Local folklore museum visit/ Greek cuisine cooking lesson/ 2 afternoon lectures.
•   Experienced, local guides/activity leaders, fluent in English (may also speak French & Italian), certified First-Aid providers.
•   All transportation to/from activity start/end point (if not within walking distance)
•   All teaching material (books, photocopies, CDs).
•   Museum & sight entry fees.
•   Accommodation for double room (shared with another student) for 7/13 nights at the Narges Hotel with breakfast (air-conditioning, bath, shower, LCD TV, free Wi-Fi, fridge provided).
•   A taverna dinner with local specialties at Alyki seafront (first night of programme).

•   All of the above, plus taverna dinner and conversation in Greek with teacher (1.5h) every night (12 nights in Programme B).

Package prices do not include arrival/departure transportation to/from the hotel, tips and other meals apart from those stated.

If you will stay at a room by yourself, there is a supplementary charge of € 200 (Pr. A) or € 350 (Pr. B).
There is also an extra fee of € 250 (Pr. A) or € 400 (Pr. B) if you wish to share a double room with a friend or relative who will not attend the courses.

Discounts available for groups of 4 or more (5%);  those who also purchase a Walking Plus holiday (5%);  and for groups of four or more who book at least 12 weeks in advance (7.5%).

Email us info@walkingplus.com  with details of programme type & accommodation required (standard B&B, 4-star hotel, or self-catering studio apartment), dates and number in party, and we will send Booking Form and Terms & Conditions.
Deposit on confirmation of booking (10% of total price, refundable only in the case of programme non-execution). Balance payable within 20 days of programme start.
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"In WP Greek, your walking guides (mostly Lambros and myself) are much more than tour leaders. Our tours are an intergral part of WP Greek's concept; you can think of them as a learning experience 'per se', our own take at Aristotle's "Peripatetic School". We will give you 'insider' information, stimulation, and interaction to make the place and its nature, culture & language come alive. Being local and with special ties to Alyki village and Paros, we want not only to offer interesting activities (plus good exercise!), but also to share the true 'island feeling'!"

- Christoforos Korovesis, Walking Plus/Cooperative Manager

"Our fist objective is to motivate students to speak - you are learning a language to be able to use it. But if you want to learn the language, listening to it is what you should also do. We are here to give you this opportunity to get naturally exposed to the language in a small Greek island and get acquainted with both the Greek spirit and the 'ways' of our language. What makes our course unique is that we try to make you understand not only the language, but also the culture, the people and the island. It's not just a language course; it's an experience of a lifetime!"

- Lambros Hatsilarkos, Course Director & Main Instructor

Responsible Business Statement
As part of the 'Ardikas - Paros Hikes' Social Cooperative, we are committed to promoting the welfare of the environment on Paros and the sustainable development of the local community. We live and work on the island and our teachers and guides are cooperative members who share in the enterprise profits. Apart from offering Greek language courses of quality, our mission is to introduce our guest students to the natural, cultural and social environment of Paros and increase their knowledge and appreciation of Greece.